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4 Tips for Exercising Your Pup
| Tips | 29 Apr 2016

We have a three-month-old Goldendoodle, named Yankee—Yankee Doodle… get it? Ha. Ha. He’s pretty cute. I’m kind of obsessed with him, and not at all shy about it. I watch... Read More

Mom Sanity and Toddler Activities
| Tips | 29 Apr 2016

When I volunteered to write on tips for toddler activities I thought, “piece of cake.” It’s been awhile since mine were little but since I am equipped with the attention... Read More





| Faith | 24 Apr 2016

When He promises us something, He is faithful. The timing is most often, frustratingly, out of our control. God had spoken to my heart in an undeniable way. I knew … Read More

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