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Must Reads on Purpose for a Grit and Grace Life

No one wants to live this life without purpose. We love spending time discovering our character and talents, and arriving at our multi-faceted purpose. We also enjoy partnering with others who impact the world around us. Delve into this discovery with us in these special articles below.

Why I Share My Story of Healing After Domestic Abuse

Why I Share My Story of Healing After Domestic AbuseThere was a time when I never wanted to talk about it, at least not publicly. I never thought I would. In fact, several years into my journey, the majority of people around me saw nothing but smiles. Truth Read more

The Day Bank Robbers Changed My Life

The-Day-Bank-Robbers-Changed-My-LifeThis is Part 1 of 3-part series…

“Can you hear me? Tell me your name.” My brain tried to understand the words, but the man’s voice seemed far away. My eyelids fought me as I struggled to keep them open. Read more

Can You Start a Career Later in Life? Absolutely.

Can You Start A Career Later In Life, AbsolutelyDepending on whom you ask, being a stay at home mom can be: fulfilling, exhausting, joyful, mundane, and so on and so forth. Often times, it’s a mixture of all of that wrapped into one—or several—little bodies. Tack on the fact Read more

Why It’s So Important to Have a Mentor and to Be One Too

For 12, some 15+, years we are taught. Being enrolled in school gives us structure and a guidebook to living. We are given this safe bubble of trial-and-error in playtime, classes, and teams.

Then we graduate with no syllabus or Read more

How Do I Know What Defines Me?

How Do I Know What Defines Me?I am single. I am widowed. I am married. I am divorced. I am a mom. I have no children. I am a career woman. I stay at home. I am an artist. I am a cancer survivor. I Read more

How to Crush Comparison With a Compliment

How-to-Crush-Comparison-With-a-ComplimentI love games. I come from a very competitive family so winning has always been important to me. Just ask my husband, I sometimes get super bitter if he beats me in a game (okay, scratch that I always get Read more

10 Behaviors Found in the Inspired Woman

You cannot mistake an inspired woman. Right away there is something enchanting about her. But what exactly is it? Why is it so hard to put your finger on what makes her so?

Here’s the thing: many of us are Read more


Some of our favorite articles for strong women and those who want to be.

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