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Mom Hacks That Will Make Back to School Easy
Mom Hacks That Will Make “Back to School” Easy

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or working mom, going back to school changes the flow of any routine you got into during the summer. Each new school year seems to be different too. There can be new drop-off guidelines, new start times, and new opportunities for […]

This Is What I Would Say to My Younger Mom Self
This Is What I Would Say to My Younger Mom-Self

Our daughter was away at college when our son graduated from high school. With a job lined up in Northern California, I drove him south across the Oregon border to help get him settled. On our last evening together, we went grocery shopping. Do you […]

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Ask Dr. Zoe – Is Lack of Emotion Healthy?

‘Curious’ Asked: I grew up as a missionary kid and was abused by my missionary father. Emotional, spiritual, physical. Every girl friend of mine had been sexually or physically abused. I’ve heard it all. Seen it all. I was depressed for years. I dealt with […]

The 7 Ways I Paid off Student Loans
The 7 Ways I Paid off Student Loans

Do you know what the three scariest words are in the English language? Student… Loan… Debt! For something as frightening as this, millions of people are diving headfirst into this anxiety-inducing, stress-evoking, overwhelming money pit! But have no fear, solutions are here: ones that can […]

Why Do They Choose Suicide
Why Do They Choose Suicide?

Did you know that one of the most influential pastors and preachers of the Christian faith struggled with depression and even suicidal thoughts? Known as the “Prince of Preachers,” Charles Spurgeon’s work has provided an intangible, yet very real hope for people over the last […]

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Ask Dr. Zoe – My Husband Is a Strict Stepfather

‘Stuck in the Middle’ Asked: I have four children from a previous marriage and I recently got married to a wonderful man with no children. He’s very strict with my kids. They liked him at first, but now that we’re married and have been living […]

simple tips to destress manage stress
9 Simple and Unexpected Tips to Relieve Stress

Are you stressed? It’s okay to admit it if you are; we live in a fast-paced world with endless demands. Whether you’re a working woman, focused on motherhood, or, chances are, a little bit of everything, it seems like a woman’s job is never done […]

The Refuge Coffee Co. Story Hope and Help in a Cup.jpg
The Refuge Coffee Co. Story: Hope and Help in a Cup

I’m a happiness addict. Rejoicing with those who rejoice? I’m a pro at that. But weeping with those who weep? Nigh unto impossible. Heck, being bored or mildly unhappy with those who are bored or mildly unhappy is a stretch for me. But over the […]

When You Don’t Feel #Blessed as a Mother

Have you ever had those days where you feel like everything is working out? You slept well the night before. You woke up before your kids and actually got a hot cup of coffee down. Your hair falls exactly the right way and your favorite […]

On Life and Cancer, From a Pediatric Oncology Nurse

After her morning coffee, some cuddles with her gorgeous Weimaraners, and a little bit of knitting (she’s admittedly a grandma trapped in a millennial’s body), Amanda heads to work ready to bring light and comfort to her tiniest of patients as they fight cancer. You […]

Establishing Healthy Boundaries in the Grit and Grace Life

Healthy personal boundaries are the key to healthy relationships. Without them, healthy relationships are impossible. Yes, you heard that right. Impossible. That is because boundaries provide a necessary and very important distinction between yourself and other people. It is where you end and others begin, […]

Grit and Grace for the Working Woman
Grit and Grace for the Working Woman

Can women be moms, wives, sisters, friends, and successful business people? Can we seemingly do it all? Whether you work from home, are growing a side biz, or commute to work in the corporate world every day, our resounding answer is Y-E-S. Will it take […]