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Are You Having a Mid-Faith Crisis?

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You know that feeling; where you have reached the bitter end of your proverbial rope. You are searching for a reason to tie a knot and hang on for dear life. Maybe you have been struggling to grip what is left of your grace. Maybe you are stuck in a rut. Maybe you are staring down the barrel of a gun in your personal war, looking into the center of your storm—whatever metaphor you choose to describe the lessons we all must painfully learn in life. Perhaps you have gotten some news that has shaken your core and disrupted your routine. Perhaps tragedy has struck your household, and you find that you are faced with more questions than you have the answers.

Maybe everything in life is perfectly fine and you still just feel a bit off, disconnected, discontent, or unhappy.

Maybe you are in the middle of a mid-faith crisis.

It’s like a mid-life crisis only instead of trying to regenerate some youthfulness; you are trying to grab hold of the things that made your faith real to you. You are looking for that reassurance that everything you believed in for so long has been for nothing. You are scared to admit that you have been having doubts, you are afraid to be vulnerable and confess that you are stressed and, in fact, suffering.

As Christians, sometimes we feel that pressure to be the standard. We’re supposed to set the model for grace and joy and the perfect Proverbs 31 woman. Perfect daughter. Perfect wife. Perfect mom. Perfect attitude.

Asking “Why?” or “What is the point?” is all normal. You are not the first person to feel like you’re being challenged or tested. You will not be the last. So breathe a little easier for the moment. Know you’re not struggling alone. Give yourself the grace and patience in which you freely hand out to others. Everything is figure-out-able with some time.

It is your choice in how you progress from that exact point in life and every moment further. The best part is that we all get to define our life’s core values on our terms. There is no timeline you have to follow. There is no one-size-fits-all standard to faith. What your heart feels and how you choose to lead it, cultivate it, and pursue your purpose and your passions is entirely up to you.

We can seek counsel from those we trust: friends, family, or Dr. Zoe. We can ask our circles to pray for peace along the journey we’re traveling. And on that road, no one should be able to provoke, punish, or persecute you in the process to self-discovery.

Faith is not a tangible item we lose or misplace. Faith for every individual is a living, breathing part of ourselves and it requires continuous self-care in the same way we need to take showers, eat nutritionally sound, and strive to maintain healthy habits. And all those things take time, routine, and commitment. Just like any other personal goals we set for ourselves, we need self-discipline and accountability to grow, change, or adapt.

Your mid-faith crisis is nothing to fear, but something to focus on. This checkpoint may just turn out to be the best thing for you: the very moment you get to relax, recharge and reset your life.

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