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I Wish I Had a Mistake Eraser!

I Wish I Had a Mistake Eraser!

I unearthed a Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover Pen while digging through one of my laundry room cabinets the other day. I hardly ever use it … typically grabbing a small spray bottle of Oxy Clean when I make a “mistake” on my skinny white jeans or brand new white blouse. This, of course, happens the first time I wear anything white … and every time thereafter.

As I went on with sorting and washing and drying and folding, I started thinking about how utterly cool it would be if there was a magic pen to instantly erase life mistakes as easily as the Tide Pen erases food and drink mistakes.

That guy I thought was great and went out with for way too long before I figured out he was a loser? Erased!

Driving after one too many glasses of wine? Erased!

That hurtful thing I said to my mom? My child? More than once? Erased as if it never happened!

Overeating, over-spending, rolling over when I should have held my ground? Erased!

It was fun to ponder. Truthfully, I don’t think I could ever run out of things to add to a “must erase” list. The ridiculously expensive stilettos I had to have and wore twice? Erased … and the money back in my bank account! Trading in my reliable car for a much cooler looking lemon car (and the years of payments it came with)? Erased! Not valuing my own worth and allowing others to devalue it? Double erased!

Oh, how I would scribble that pen over so many mistakes and heartaches and just plain dumb decisions.

But … what would I have learned?

Who I am today, what I know today, is largely due to my mistakes.

Wisdom hasn’t come to me because of all the perfect decisions and right choices I have made. It’s come by way of the bad decisions and wrong choices, all of which led to hard journeys that led to introspection that led to enlightenment that led to future, better decisions.

As I made some of the biggest mistakes of my life, I didn’t consider God was there—present in every life circumstance I created. I believe He let me make my mistakes for a reason … so I would learn to listen. So I could walk alongside other women who have made similar mistakes, and use what I learn to create a better today, and a better tomorrow for myself as well as those around me.

Who I am today, what I know today, is largely due to my mistakes.

If you have had an affair, an abortion, an arrest, God was there. Not to beat you over the head but to offer His real-life mistake eraser, His forgiveness. To give the strength to make a better choice the next time you are faced with a big decision.

If you yelled at your kids today, recognize that it didn’t help much and resolve to be calmer the next time they argue or let the wet dog on your sofa. You wouldn’t know it didn’t help if you hadn’t done it in the first place! Don’t be hard on yourself … be a cheerleader for yourself! Share your mistakes—and what you learn from them—with others.

Remember that everything about you—your successes as well as your mistakes—make you the woman you are today. Don’t pine for your own personal magic life-eraser pen. But do keep that Tide Pen handy—they work great on skinny white jeans!

“Brothers, listen! We are here to proclaim that through this man Jesus there is forgiveness for your sins” (Acts 13:38, NLT).

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