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Why We Never Have to Be Home Alone at Christmas Again



It’s the ear-deafening shrill of a mother realizing her eight-year-old is home alone while she is on an airplane almost to Paris. We can only imagine the feelings of desperation and horror this mother felt.


What living person doesn’t know the trademark “hands slapping their face” in only the way Macaulay Culkin can pull off?

Home Alone, the classic Christmas movie, will make its way through the TV Guide Christmas time slots, along with ElfWhite Christmas, The Christmas Story, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

My son and husband love Home Alone, so inevitably I will sit and watch as my son takes notes from Kevin on how to wreak havoc on his siblings.

No One Wants to Be Alone at Christmas

All of us watching have hearts aching for Kevin to be reunited at Christmas. Young and old know Christmas is about being together—not being home alone. A lonely Christmas is no Christmas at all.

This reminds me of another Son, a Son that would leave His home in heaven. His first Christmas would be celebrated in the arms of a 15-year-old virgin, surrounded by animals. In some ways, it was a silent night. His Father was not screaming, freaking out, going ballistic in the background and worrying about the safe arrival of His pride and joy. In fact, the idea of this Son leaving His home had been planned from the very beginning of time. No shock, no worries.

This Father and Son had a plan—a rescue mission.

Young and old know Christmas is about being together…A lonely Christmas is no Christmas at all.

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It Is Easy to Get Caught Up in Christmas Magic and Still Feel Empty

Days after watching the iconic blockbuster, Home Alone, there is a certain song stuck in my head and I am sure yours too—”Carol Of The Bells.” What is most annoying about this song is that I don’t have all the words memorized, so my family gets to hear new and exciting renditions each and every year…

Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells,
All seem to say throw cares away.

Christmas can easily become a time where I get caught up in the trance of the silver bells … where I know the tune but I cannot quite remember the words! Oh, how quickly we can go through the motions of Christmas without remembering the meaning.

And so we are strapped down in our sleigh ride, a little tipsy with all of our eggnog, desperately searching for the magic of Christmas. We become consumed with figgy pudding, cyber sales, wanting, wrapping, warm fuzzies from yesteryears, holly and being jolly, hanging our stocking with care, sugar plums dancing in our heads, waiting for the big guy in red, velvet apple bottom jeans (boots with the fur), chestnuts roasting by the fire, Jack Frost nipping at our nose, caroling, cleaning, food, friends, more food and family. On a nostalgia hunt, we forget the words.

…the idea of this Son leaving His home had been planned from the very beginning of time.

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Let’s Focus on the Mystery Instead of the Magic

As much as we want to throw cares away, we just cannot seem to stop making our lists and checking them twice. Where is the comfort and joy?

We desperately want to have ourselves a merry little Christmas and let our hearts be light, but we can’t remember the words! Oh, how desperately we need words of light to break through the noise of the season.

Then, of course, we talk about sweet baby Jesus lying in the manger. He is so cute in that little swaddling cloth. It’s as if the world is saying “goochie goo!” Jesus may have been wearing a cute, little swaddling cloth, but He came as a conquering warrior King. Christmas is not a baby shower—it’s the celebration of Light entering this world in the form of an infant.

No, He did not set up booby traps, like Kevin, or window seals laced with tar and nail heads. He did not come with a plan to knock the thief in the head with a hot iron. However, He did come to crush the head of the Enemy, but He came to do so with His own blood. Why? So that He could set us, the captives, free from sin and death.

The North Star shone down on Bethlehem like a spotlight saying, “He is here! Your Rescuer has come! Look! See! Over here!”

Instead of looking for the magic of Christmas, let’s be consumed with the mystery of Christmas.

Christmas is not a baby shower—it’s the celebration of Light entering this world in the form of an infant.

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This is a mystery and a miracle: Christ left the comforts of heaven so that we might know true comfort and joy. Because Christ came to carry the weight of all our sin, we can have ourselves a merry little Christmas and let our hearts be light.

When your heart is being pulled in by all the lights, look to the Light of the world that would die on a cross—forsaken and abandoned by His own Father. Christ had only known the gaze of affection from His Father, but for you He took all His Father’s wrath and hung there alone so it would never be yours to experience.

Christmas is about God coming to rescue us so we would never again have to be alone. Christmas is about the opportunity to join God’s family and become His child.

Do you know the words of His love song to you? Lean into the Father’s heart, set His words before your eyes, and you will be reminded of the greatest gift! You’ll never be home alone at Christmas again.

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.” Isaiah 9:2

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