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Our Christmas Eve Tradition


Almost 30 years ago there was a year our family couldn’t make it to the Christmas Eve service. Looking for another way to honor Christ’s birth in a special manner we began our own family tradition. It’s become so meaningful to our family I thought I would share it with yours:

• Gather everyone around in a circle
• Put a plastic tablecloth in the middle
• Birthday cake for Jesus in the center with one tall candle.
• Kids sit on plastic tablecloth with candles or flashlights
• Adults on the outside circle with candles
• Choose the oldest child to read a kid version of the Christmas story
• Another read from God’s word the Christmas story of Christ’s birth
• Turn the lights down low
• Beginning with the eldest family member have them light a candle and reflect on their year of blessings or hardships
• Next light the eldest child’s candle and allow them to reflect on their year or say what they are thankful for, then that child light another child’s candle and repeat. (if you use real candles, you might consider the child blowing out the candle after they speak…we have had hair singed and candle wax drip – good memories)
• After children complete, the next person in the circle has their candle lit and reflect on the year.
• Once all adults have shared, the last candle is lit and that person lights the birthday candle in the middle of the cake.
• At that time we all sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

It is my most favorite time of the year.

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