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11 Reasons Why We Love Eleven From “Stranger Things”

In light of Stranger Things season two debuting October 27, we are reminiscing on everyone’s hero: Eleven. From killing bad guys to pigging out on Eggos, she inspires all of us to be a little out there.

Here are 11 times we wanted to be Eleven.

1. She loves French fries just like us.

2. The boys are wowed by her beauty.

3. She saves Mike from the cliff.

4. Mike kisses her and it melts our hearts.

5. When she tries the recliner for the first time.

6. When she calls the grocery store clerk “mouth-breather.”

7. She can flip a van with her mind.

8. Her friends stand up for her.

9. She teaches her friends how to be friends.

10. When she uses her power to make the bully wet himself.

11. She saves her best friends from the Demogorgon.

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