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13 Affordable Christmas Presents That You’ll Want to Keep!

Christmas-Gift-Guide-2017-13 Affordable Christmas Presents That You'll Want to Keep

I have a confession. Half of these items are in my cart, and they’re not in there as thoughtful gifts — they’re in there for me! That’s the sign of a good gift, right? (Or a selfish person.) When you want to keep it yourself? No seriously, I want that pom pom blanket badly. Anyway, there’s a little something for everyone here.

1. Weekender Bag

This classic striped weekender bag ($30) goes with all tastes and styles. Everyone should have a bag this perfect size. I love this more masculine bag ($26) as well.


2. Slippers

Who doesn’t want a touch of fun around the house? These comfy bear slippers ($20) are on my list. Raccoons and foxes are available too.


3. Rustic Coat Rack

I can think of about 20 places I could put this rustic coat rack ($31) in my house.


4. Electric Tea Kettle

I am a tea drinker and use this electric kettle ($25) every day. Every time someone new comes to the house they want to know where I got it! It heats water faster than the microwave or stove and shuts off when the water is boiling. It’s a must for tea-drinkers.


5. Tea Box

To go with the tea kettle, check out this pretty tea box ($22). I love my tea boxes and putting an assortment of teas in there for guests to choose from. Marcello bought me one in Italy and it makes it all the more special when I use it to be from someone I love.


6. Candle Holders

These wooden candle holders ($13-17) have had my eye for awhile now. They go with any season and would add to any vignette.


7. Pom Pom Throw

Any girl of any age would love a fun pom pom throw ($31)! Toss it on the bed or chair or couch for a cozy spot. I just ordered mine. Couldn’t help it.


8. Cross Bracelet

A few years ago my mom bought me a cross bracelet, and I started wearing it on days I seek specific prayer. Maybe a friend is sick, a nation is in crisis or I’m searching for an answer. Whatever the reason, wearing the cross reminds me to go to prayer instead of worry.

It also helps me keep good on my promise. How often have we told a loved one they would be in our prayers and we soon forgot? Once a friend gives me a prayer request then I put my bracelet on. One of the kids recently broke mine, so I’ve got my eye on this simple bracelet ($27) to replace it!


9. Unisex Sunglasses

I love these circular vintage sunglasses ($12). They work for men or women—perfect for the cool, hard-to-shop-for family member!


10. Carved Bowl

These carved bowls ($25) make an easy centerpiece or work well on sideboard tables. I like these especially for the dining room table because they keep pretties low to the table so you can see the person across from you!


11. Picture Frame Ornaments

One thing I love hanging on the tree every year are the three frame ornaments I have on each of my children on their first Christmas. This brass frame ornament ($8) is timeless, and I love the year charm on this beautiful silver frame ornament ($8). I printed my photos in black and white, and they are precious to me. These would work great too to commemorate a wedding or loved one who has passed on.


12. Galvanized Three Bucket Set

I have something similar to this galvanized bucket set ($15) and it can be used for so many things—as a planter or fresh cut flowers, art supplies for the kids, or silverware.


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