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Are Meal Kits Worth It? A Review of Terra’s Kitchen


It seems like we can’t check out our social media or watch an hour of Primetime TV without running across a commercial for a meal prep box of some kind. They are everywhere these days! The idea is brilliant. In today’s time-strapped society, where health awareness is on the rise but spare time is on the decline, a service to help us prep and prepare healthy meals is an answer to many a busy woman’s prayers.

But the options and variations are endless, aren’t they? From vegetarian to Paleo, individual to family, there is honestly a meal box for everyone, which makes it hard when you’re trying to decide which one is right for you. And since this decision is half the battle, we want to help you know which of these services is best for you. So our team got busy chopping, dicing, cooking, and tasting three different meal box services so we can honestly review each box and help you decide if they’re right for you. We fed ourselves and our families and will be sharing the reviews in a three-part series over the next week.

Talk about a delicious assignment!

First up is Terra’s Kitchen, a meal box service out of Baltimore with a unique and efficient approach to delivery and packaging. Our editor Ashley Johnson agreed to be the guinea pig and gave Terra’s Kitchen meal a try. 


Terra’s Kitchen Spicy Hoisin-Glazed Beyond Burgers® with Basil-Lime Carrot Salad

I accepted the fact that I am not a cook and have no aspiration to become one a very long time ago. In fact, when my co-worker, Meaghan, asked if I would participate in this article by cooking (blah) and writing a review, I said, “Oh, Stephen loves to cook! I’m sure he’d love to make it and then I can write about it.”

“Um, you’re going to have to cook it to fully review it,” she said more or less… but graciously! The excuses began to flow: my husband is the one who cooks; I hate cooking; I am so busy wrangling my toddler, working, and preparing to have a baby in two weeks…

“You’re the perfect candidate then!” Meaghan said excitedly. “Meal delivery services are great for busy people who don’t like to cook and don’t have time to think about going to the grocery store and meal-planning.”

Moral of the story: I didn’t get out of it.

But, I’m so glad! I genuinely loved the experience from the simple start to the delicious finish.

Terra’s Kitchen: I genuinely loved the experience from the simple start to the delicious finish.

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Here are some of my favorite things about Terra’s Kitchen:

Their staff went above and beyond to answer my questions during the sign up process. And they are going to go above and beyond for you guys too; stay tuned for a special promo!

Choosing our meals was simple, and the selection was great! I wanted it all. I love that from there, it’s sort of a “set and forget” concept (because I’m really good at forgetting).

A few days later, I was thrilled to spot the Terra’s Kitchen box sitting on my front stoop when I came home. Bonus: if you work all day or are running around town like a crazy woman with your kids (or both!), the vessel keeps the food cold until you get home—it’s pretty legit! I can attest to that since I live in Southwest Florida and everything was perfect when we unloaded it after the sun was already down.

Returning the vessel was easy. All I had to do was peel off the original shipping label, and the return label was already adhered to the box underneath. I set the box back where I found it, and it was pre-scheduled for pick up the following day (you can schedule a different time if need be).


Terra’s Kitchen Wagyu Steak with Caramelized Brussels Sprouts and Onions

When it came time to cook our Wagyu Steak with caramelized Brussels sprouts and onions (fancy, I know), I loved that all of the ingredients were provided in the exact amount that I needed. No need for measuring utensils. This made it so that there was very little mess or dishes; cleanup was a breeze—which is usually one of the biggest drags to cooking, in my opinion.

The recipe said that it only took 30 minutes to make, and for the first time in my life, the estimated prep and cook time proved true! Again, I think it’s because everything was pre-measured. Did I mention it was also pre-cut? I did chop the Brussels sprouts and onions to be a bit smaller than how they came (look at me!), but that was mostly personal preference and didn’t affect the time needed to prepare or bother me at all.

The instructions were simple and easy to follow, and I genuinely had fun! So much fun that I took photos and videos along the way to share on my Insta story. I felt like a real chef marinating and cooking the sizzling meat and making vegetables that actually tasted good. Fun fact: I’ve never eaten (let alone cooked) Brussels sprouts, and I loved them.

I was so proud of myself as I presented a meal other than frozen pizza to my husband (who was not complaining). I chattered about how easy and fun it was while we ate it. I had all kinds of ideas. “You know, this would be a great gift to give people who have a baby…simple to make but real food. Or it could also be fun to give to newlyweds,” I said. He agreed and added that it would be a great way for guys to impress a girl they’re dating by cooking for them (and maybe concealing that it was a food delivery service for a little while).

I was so proud of myself as I presented a meal other than frozen pizza to my husband (who was not complaining).

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Terra’s Kitchen Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Honey Roasted Vegetables

By the time I was finished, I started to think that maybe I can cook; I just haven’t taken the time to learn. I actually think this would be a great way for someone to learn some basics of cooking and not become discouraged in the process. There’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of time picking out a recipe, finding the ingredients at the grocery store, attempting to create it at home, and creating a huge mess you have to clean up…and then not enjoying the outcome when all is said and done. You avoid all of that nonsense with this; it’s fool-proof and so yummy! I certainly felt empowered by the whole experience and would love to do it again.

So, thank you Terra’s Kitchen, for the fun opportunity and lovely experience! You really know what you’re doing and make people like me feel like I know what I’m doing, too! That’s a big deal.

And thank you to Terra’s Kitchen for offering this amazing deal to our Grit and Grace readers.

Use the code GG35 to receive 35% off your first meal box delivery. Bon Appetit!

Tune in again Wednesday as our resident foodie, Meaghan Dawson, dives into a box fit for a big family, picky eaters included. And Friday she reviews several the top boxes!

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