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Surviving Daylight Savings

Surviving Daylight Savings

It’s started, this rare form of torture – Daylight Savings. There are a few phases all of us will go through because of this malady forced upon us. First, utter confusion, getting ready for bed at 6pm because its dark outside then realize ITS ONLY 6PM. Next, you get hungry, tired and over all excessively cranky. Followed by, perpetual lateness, even the timeliest of people are basically screwed for at least a week. Finally, frustration. When the entire world has to pull out their microwave manuals to try and figure out how to change the time again. Who even keeps those manuals?! Then it happens again. Good job, it took nearly half a year to get back in a routine only to have it messed with again.

So why do they even call it daylight “savings” if we aren’t saving anything but rather losing sleep and sanity?
Here’s a few tips to help you survive:

1. Give up. I’m only kind of kidding. If you’re a mother like me, you’ll find people keep trying to share ways to help your baby adjust to the time change – but it’s all lies. Lies I tell you. That sweet googley-eyed baby is simply going to ignore Mother Nature’s plans to adjust our time clocks and do whatever the heck they want.

If you are a working lady, you will still need massive amounts of coffee (before the sun comes up) to help you meet the deadlines that stubbornly remained the same. Even worse, you forget that the time changed and arrive late. To everything.

2. Don’t Read Any More “How to Survive” Articles. They’re going to tell you to adjust your routine, dim the lights, make your room darker, read a book or take a bath, drink less caffeine and try to gradually go to sleep earlier. Clearly the people writing these articles don’t live in real life, have an infant, work deadlines or a husband who still decides to stay up till one am (which is now two) doing who knows what.

You really need to ignore the other silly people who try to tell you daylight savings is a great way to remind us to do our spring-cleaning and exercise more. Seriously? – With one less hour to do it?

3. Plan on a few crazy days. Everyone is most likely going to be cranky and complain about the sunlight. Here are a few memes I found that might make you feel like a sane person:

  • The inventors of daylight savings time never had to perfect a bedtime routine with tiny humans intent on depriving adults of sleep
  • Changing to daylight savings time on Sunday should always be followed by a national holiday on Monday
  • Daylight savings is the only legitimate time to google the phrase “what time is it?”
  • A gentle reminder about daylight savings time: if you think last Monday sucked, this should prove to be much much worse
  • Remember it’s spring forward, fall back, and why the heck are we still doing this?!

4. Embrace Acceptance. Okay maybe I went a little crazy with the whole give up because daylight savings is an awful thing. But the reality is there is not a thing you can do about it. So set the clock, read the tips, because this is a hill not worth dying on. (Although strangling the inventor of this scheme might be)

When trying to get through daylight savings go buy a new sheet set, it’ll make sleep feel that much more glorious in the days that follow. I’m off to go drink my “spring forward” cocktail from Epicurious, here’s to hoping we all survive, living our grit and grace life!

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