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Swimsuit Trends That Will Make You Glow

Swimsuit Trends That Will Make You Glow

Want to make a splash this summer? Some like to stand out in something bold, and others like to be a little more subtle, while still looking on-trend. Wherever you find yourself on that spectrum is 100% OK, but here’s a little information that may help you pick something that works for you!

Popsugar did some research, and they’ve found that these swimsuit silhouettes, prints, and colors are as hot as the blazing sun, and they’re here to stay…for a while.

1. Warm Tones

2. Polka Dots

3. Fruit Prints

4. Ribbed

5. Frilled

6. Velvet

7. Cheeky

8. Belted

9. Sports Bra Top

No matter what you choose for your beautiful, perfectly formed body, just remember that being confident in who you are is what truly makes you glow!

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