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Support Grit and Grace Life On Giving Tuesday

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We believe the greatest need in women’s lives today is support from other women.

The Grit and Grace Project grew out of my personal realization: that women were struggling. They were facing challenges they had not expected, many out of their control. Feelings of inadequacy and even failure were driving their self-doubt.

I had already lived through much of what I was watching these women face. There’s a verse in Titus 2 that shares the importance of older women passing down their wisdom to younger women. The need for this type of exchange became real in a way it never had before.

I know there is no greater understanding earned or wisdom gained than that which comes from living through life’s experiences. So, we are here today as women helping other women, because we have lived our share of challenges and want to help others who are now doing the same.

Prodigal children, life balance, blended families, purpose, addiction, suicide, marriage, divorce, battered faith, and building faith are just a few of the subjects our writers address.Donate to The Grit and Grace Project Darlene Brock

With your partnership, we can build on meeting the needs of those we serve. And through your generous gift, we’ll continue to speak to those who need to believe there is hope beyond where they find themselves. Please join us in this quest. You will enable us to uplift those who need us, as we encourage strong women and help those who want to be.

~Darlene Brock


On Giving Tuesday every donation will be matched 100%


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Working hard to live #ThisGritandGraceLife, our team occasionally comes together to add our “two cents.” Armed with the Bible, Google's search engine, and a lot of coffee, we ladies bring our thoughts and insights to whatever subject we choose to tackle.

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