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The Best Response to the Dreaded Question: “What Comes Next?”

The Best Response to the Dreaded Question: “What Comes Next?”

I think it’s one of the most terrifying questions that a woman can be asked, or asks herself.

Whether you are about to graduate or have recently graduated from school, if you had a break up of a relationship, a friendship, or a marriage, if you have suffered the loss a loved one, a family member, a close friend, or a child, if you feel stuck in, just quit, got fired, or retired from a job, or maybe your kid is off to college, military, or a new career and you find yourself an empty-nester…

What comes next?

We all have had some moment where we’re faced with the question. I think about the whole cliché of if a door closes and windows open. Sometimes too many windows are open and its freezing outside or sometimes you feel like the walls are closing in and you’re out of options.

What comes next? Tomorrow does. And we need to be ready for anything that it brings along with it.

My thought is that you need two pillars to lean on before you answer. Peace and a plan.

1. Peace because freaking out will get us nowhere. Constantly living in fear of the unknown is no way to go through life. Maybe because we’re women we feel like we are supposed to have all the answers 100% of the time. It’s OK if we don’t. Being content and grateful for everything we have right now is a gift that is priceless when we take time to appreciate the good.

2. A plan because we still need to have goals and dreams to keep us motivated and focused. Drifting around without a purpose can cause us to become dormant. We, as women, thrive better with drive. I’m not saying the plan is always going to work out. If plan A didn’t work, pick another letter of the alphabet and keep moving forward (when you’re ready). A change of plans doesn’t make us failures; it makes us fighters.

If you lost everything you own in a house fire or a hurricane, if you just got the news of a diagnosis from the doctor, or if the zombie apocalypse finally breaks out tomorrow we have a choice. We can let the anxiety of the future overcome us and spread terror through our mind like cancer, or we can choose to step forward with faith in ourselves that we are strong, brilliant, beautifully stubborn women ready for whatever is yet to come.

Life is a whole series of new burdens and beginnings, new challenges and chapters, and new struggles and fresh starts. Whatever may come next is up to you.

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