Living the Single Life: How to Love It – 181


We live in a culture that puts a lot of emphasis on romantic relationships. If we’re not dating or married, people assume that something must be wrong or we haven’t found the right person yet. But the truth is, being single (or not) is just simply where one may be in life. It does not define you. And for those who like to arrange dates for their single friends: just because they’re single doesn’t mean they’re available!

Darlene Brock and Julie Bender sit down to unpack both the challenges and strengths of singlehood. They discuss the inherent value of being single, how to shed societal expectations, and how to live life well as a single woman, a single mom, a divorced single mom, or a co-parenting single mom. 

We hope this episode encourages you in this stage of your life and helps you to recognize your own innate strengths.

Quote of the episode:

“At the end of the day, no man—even if he’s the right man—will make you smarter or more capable than you already are.” —Julie Bender


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