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20 Holiday Necessities You Need to Buy at the Dollar Store

20 Holiday Necessities You Need to Buy at the Dollar Store

Frugality is trending and so are the stores that sell for less. Shops that were once considered cheap are now growing in popularity. They have incredible necessities for low costs, giving families opportunities to save.

Dollar stores are no longer a shopping faux pas! And thankfully for shoppers, they cater to anything from basic needs such as toothpaste and hair-ties to home needs like plates and kitchenware. Whatever you use on a regular basis, you can bet to find it in the aisles of any dollar store.

Not only do dollar stores stock up on your favorite items, but they also have the perfect selection for holiday needs. Each season their stores rotate with holiday decor, party supplies, and so much more. This makes any dollar store the ideal place for more than just your day-to-day items!

With Christmas approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your budget. Dollar stores live up to their name, and all items are typically priced at $1.00. This makes your local dollar store the ultimate destination for holiday essentials!

Below is a list of 20 holiday essentials to buy at the Dollar Store along with a quick price comparison.

Dollar Store Prices vs. Target Prices

Wrapping Paper: $1.00 vs. $5.00
Clear tape: $1.00 vs. $2.39
Scissors: $1.00 vs. $4.59
Gift Bags: $1.00 vs. $2.00
Tissue Paper: $1.00 vs. $3.00
Gift Tags: $1.00 vs. $10.00
Gift Bows: $1.00 vs. $2.00
Gift Boxes: $1.00 vs. $7.99 for 5
Mailing Envelopes: $1.00 vs. $2.59
Stockings: $1.00 vs. $8.00+
Stocking Stuffers: $1.00 vs. $1.00+
Holiday Cards: $1.00 vs. $10.00+
Ornaments: $1.00 vs. $15.00
Home Decor: $1.00 vs. $3.00+
Holiday Dinnerware: $1.00 vs. $32.00
Cookie Tins: $1.00 vs. $3.00
Icing: $1.00 vs. $3.99
Baking Pans: $1.00 vs. $6.99
Holiday Crafts for Kids: $1.00 vs. $10.00
Christmas Accessories: $1.00 vs. $4.99+

Total: $20 vs. $138.5

Make the most of your time and wallet this year by shopping your Dollar Store online. Just click, order, and wait for your supplies to arrive straight to your door. A great option for maximizing your holiday while staying frugal.

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Save $118 by getting these 20 holiday necessities at the Dollar Store!

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