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Must Reads on Work and Money for a Grit and Grace Life

We know that managing our jobs and finances is a daily challenge and we want to make sure they don’t manage us. So we just have to share some of our favorite real-life strategies in this area, the articles below are definitely a must read.


3 Easy Apps and Tricks to Save Money

3 Easy Apps and Tricks to Save MoneyI’m all about saving money. For a couple of months I was into coupon-clipping. I bought the newspaper on Sunday (two, of course, for BOGOs—Publix lovers know what I’m talking about). I clipped, and I saved. But like most resolutions, after Read more

Can You Deviate From the Corporate World and Be Successful?

Can You Deviate From the Corporate World and Be Successful?Do you ever feel like you’re caught up in the rat race? That since you graduated from college you have moved from one corporate job to another with no fulfillment and no real experience gained toward an end, all Read more

Dear Parents of Millennials: It’s Time to Stop It

Dear Parents of Millennials It's Time to Stop ItSweet, sweet parents of the millennial generation… those precious little snowflakes born around 1980-2000, give or take a year or two. As the parent of two Millennials myself, and a Human Resources professional, I have a few words of Read more

How to Be a Leader You Can Be Proud Of

Being a Successful Leader Starts With You“It’s just a busy season. I promise I’ll be home more when I finish this project.” I apologized to my husband as I raced out the door for an early-morning meeting that would be followed by a full day Read more

5 Steps When You Want to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

5-Steps-to-Turn-Your-Hobby-Into-a-Business Christy WrightOne thing I love about the culture we live in is that it’s never been easier to make extra money on the side, or work from home entirely! Over the past decade I’ve coached thousands of women who run Read more

What This Lawyer Thinks Every Woman Should Know

Court cases are all around us. Literally millions upon millions are filed each year in the United States.1 They can be anything from a traffic citation to a divorce to personal Read more

3 Keys to Successful Leadership in the Midst of Chaos

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the answer just wasn’t clear? Maybe it was a decision to take a new job in a different city. Maybe it was a really confusing or Read more



Some of our favorite articles for strong women and those who want to be.

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