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How Small Gifts Can Be More Meaningful at Christmas


Perhaps a few of our Grit and Grace readers fall into the category of those who are in a financial position to give ginormous Christmas presents this year. Maybe your children are grown and your empty nest has led to a fuller checking account. Maybe you landed a dream job and you’re excited to buy all those gifts you always wanted to purchase for family and friends but couldn’t afford before now. Perhaps a heavy financial burden was lifted and you’re looking forward to being generous in your newfound financial freedom.

That is great news! But before you high-tail it to the mall, may I ask you to pause for a moment?

The thing is, some of your friends and family are not in the same position. Some of them will be scraping funds together at the last minute to buy you a gift, which will pale in comparison to yours. While you will enjoy lavishing expensive and thoughtful gifts on others, they may feel the burden of not being able to reciprocate. Your generosity doesn’t come with the expectation of a return. It’s just fun to give. But the person on the receiving-end will feel a certain pressure, a nagging inability to measure up to you.

Would you be willing to consider the generosity of small gifts, even if you can afford something larger?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is sometimes more generous to give a smaller gift, one that can be reciprocated by the person receiving it. A gift that doesn’t embarrass others with your riches. A gift that is thoughtful and specific to what you know that person likes, but that won’t do backflips around the gift they are able to give you.

Would you be willing to consider the generosity of small gifts, even if you can afford something larger?

That kind of generosity is sensitive and considerate. It is grand and sincere.

The generosity of the small gift is that it doesn’t place a burden on the recipient. It allows the recipient the double joy of not only receiving a gift from you, but being able to return it. If this has been a banner financial year for you but not for others on your Christmas list, consider restricting your budget for their sake.

And if you really can’t resist the urge to spoil your friends and family, maybe a fabulous New Years Eve party or celebratory dinner is in order…

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