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You Can Manage Seasons of Change

You Can Manage Seasons of Change

Life does not offer constancy. Whether through choices of our own, choices of others or simply life circumstances we will all face seasons of change. Some are positive, exciting, looked forward to with anticipation. Others can be created by heartbreak, disappointment, or circumstances beyond our control.

But whatever the cause – they will come. If you are at one of those impasses, those crossroads in life, here are a few things you want to do:

1. Remember it’s temporary. There are exceptions, but there is very little in life you are facing, have faced or will face that is permanent.
2. Review the past. It doesn’t take much life to discover you can and have gotten through difficult seasons. If you’ve survived middle school that should prove you can survive anything!
3. Assess your strengths. There is within you what you need to go from where you are to where you will be. Remind yourself of what you already know.
4. Find others. One of the best resources for whatever challenge you are facing are those who have already traversed the road you are traveling now.
5. Draw upon your faith. To know there is someone greater than you who knows everything you have or ever will walk through brings it all into perspective.

Whether you are currently in a season of change, have already gone through one, or realize there will be one on the horizon remember these tips. They will serve you.

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Darlene, President of The Grit and Grace Project, is crazy enough to jump in the deep end then realize she may not have a clue where she’s landed. She has spent her adult life juggling careers in the music business, been an author, a video producer, and also cared for her family ... some days drowning, other days believing she’s capable of synchronized swimming.

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