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What a Grit and Grace Woman Believes

What A Grit and Grace Woman Believes

Redefining a Woman's Strength

The Grit and Grace Project is a community of women who understand life struggles are real. We believe within each of us is the strength to conquer and a purpose to be accomplished. We rely upon the source of our faith as we address every area of a woman’s life, knowing that if we embrace both Grit and Grace women can and will change the world.

Meet Our Team

Darlene Brock – Co-Founder & President

“I believe in the strength of a woman. Displayed in the quiet, found in the care of those she loves, the wealth of her accomplishments, the depth of her faith, compassion for the hurting, the willpower to create change in the face of injustice, the survival of heartbreak. The strength of a woman is when she moves forward when others simply give up.” Click to listen as she co-hosts This Grit and Grace Life Podcast or read more from Darlene.

Ashley Johnson – Managing Editor

“I’m here for the woman who cried in bed last night because she wondered how she would make it through tomorrow. I’m here for the woman who feels anything but strong, and yet, here she is waking up to face another day, searching for encouragement to bring her hope, and becoming strong in the moments when she feels weak. I want to watch her feet find solid ground and grow roots so deep she’ll never be overtaken.” Click to read more from Ashley.

Meaghan Dawson

Meaghan Dawson – Manager of Editorial Development

“My prayer for women everywhere is that we stop wasting time trying to fit in and striving to prove that we belong. But instead, we move forward just BEING. Being real, being raw, being true, being honest. Being loud, being quiet. Crying, laughing, loving and living–really living–just as we are. Because fitting in is overrated but being real is everything.” Click to read more from Meaghan.

Bethany Gilliland – Social Media Marketing

“Life can be hard. Stressful. Overcomplicated and confusing. But, girl, I hope you know there’s more. The cry of my heart is this: Never overlook the little things. It’s these that fill and create life. The spring breeze on a bad day, an unexpected call from a friend, the smile from a stranger; these display the beauty of life’s masterpiece, created by God. Whatever your struggles are, the beauty of this life is that you were created for more than today’s challenges. I believe that, and I think you should too.” Click to read more from Bethany.

Tess Raines – Editorial Assistant

“I believe wholeheartedly in the strength of women. Though life can be hard, we can be resilient! I’ve decided to be unrelenting in the midst of life’s challenges and instead: grow forward each day with a grateful heart, a confident hope, and an offering of kindness and encouragement toward all those navigating this life road with me.” Click to read more from Tess.

Julie Bender – Co-host This Grit and Grace Life

“I don’t know exactly what the future holds, but I’m stepping forward with grit, anchored in grace. I usually don’t know what I think until you ask me, and then you’ll get the unfiltered version. But if I’ve learned anything from my life, it’s that you only get one and you don’t know how long it will last or who you inspire along the way. So, it’s always best to #bebholdandjustbeyou.” Click to listen as she co-hosts This Grit and Grace Life Podcast or read more from Julie.

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