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5 Tips: Making a Change the Right Way
| Tips | 24 May 2016

Are you facing a life obstacle? Career not going as you planned? Need financial help because spending is always more than income? Stuck in a bad relationship that needs... Read More


What is Memorial Day?
| Life | 27 May 2016

Every year, near the end of the month of May, Americans get one of those great three-day weekends. Marked by trips to the beach, picnics in the park, friends and … Read More

Choosing Vulnerability
| Life | 25 May 2016

So let’s talk about the v word…vulnerability. Not the most popular topic in the world. I used to become instantly anxious and fearful just upon hearing the word vulnerability. Ay … Read More



No Flaws
| Rambles | 26 May 2016

Last night, my three kids and I watched Penelope. It’s about a girl who was cursed, born with a pig’s nose. In order to break the spell, she needed to … Read More

Say I’m A Bird
| Rambles | 23 May 2016

“Say I’m a bird!” My husband’s eyes fight the urge to roll back into his head. Instead, he gives me a sheepish grin and shakes his head (assuming I’ve just … Read More


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