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5 Everyday Essential Oils for Beginners
| Tips | 24 Jun 2016

If you’re like me when you get a headache, you probably run straight to your purse to retrieve your maraca, more commonly known as Excedrin. If you have just one... Read More

Take It Easy—On Your Kids
| Tips | 22 Jun 2016

So you want to be a great mom. I’m sure there are some days you think the world expects you to be a perfect mom. Well, some people do... Read More




Summer Reading List—First 5
| Chitchat | 20 Jun 2016

Want to see what our contributors are reading this summer?  Check out 5 of their picks below: Back In The Day Bakery—Made With Love by Cheryl Day and Griffith Day (Food/Cooking) … Read More

Looking Stupid, A Noble Act
| Chitchat | 14 Jun 2016

Because my husband and I worked in our own businesses, our vacations were some of the most precious times we had with our daughters. They were often the only times … Read More


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