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A community of women sharing wisdom gained from life lived.

Grit & Grace Life was created to inspire women to be strong, passionate, and comfortable in the skin we’re in. Wherever you are on life’s journey, this is a place where you can feel at-home, because we are women just like you.

The advice that we offer comes from real women who have been in your shoes — women who have faced many challenges in life, but chose not to let those challenges define them. You will find insights, how to’s and tips. Our goal is that you will be encouraged and inspired, often sharing a laugh along the way.

Our parent company, The Grit & Grace Project was founded by Darlene Brock, who also co-hosts This Grit and Grace Life Podcast with the vivacious Julie Graham. The weekly podcast is like having a cup of coffee with your best friends. To be a part of the conversation as these ladies tackle hot-topics and issues facing all women. Adding to the conversation is the occasional visits from great guests who will join to talk about some of the more difficult subjects from the boardroom to the bedroom, car-lines to college, single married or single again you’ll leave each episode with women’s tips and advice on all things life.

Of course, there are more conversations to be had on the website as well. Grit & Grace Lief features stories, articles, and first-hand experiences from women around the world, from all ages and stages in life. Our topics truly run the gamut:

Life & Culture

Culture shifts. Life goes by fast. Slow down and take it all in with these inspiring words about all things life from women who are doing the same.


“HerStory of a Grit and Grace Life” is a place to tell our stories, revealing the challenges we have faced, the hurts we have walked through, and the healing we have found.


From parenthood and sibling love to romance and friendship, we cover all aspects of relationships — the good as well as the challenging.


Being a mother of every age and every stage, has a whole lot wrapped up in it. Here, we unpack, the good, the bad, and the ugly — it’s all important.


What’s your purpose? Explore what makes other women get out of bed in the morning and be inspired to find your purpose as well.


Inspiration and strength can be found in your own relationship with a personal God. Whether it’s in your best days or life’s most challenging circumstances, learn how our greatest grit and truest grace are found in our faith.

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