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Welcome to Life & Culture.
Life moves a mile a minute, and it can certainly be a challenge just to keep up! Fortunately, here at The Grit & Grace Project, we take the time to slow down and talk about what’s important — in life, culture, society, and humanity.
In this section of the website, we tackle things like what it means to be polite and civil in this day and age, how women are indeed different from men, what women can do to press the “reset button” on their lives, and how societal issues like sex trafficking and racism affect us as a society.
Three’s Company: Women, Culture, and Society
Women and culture have been dueling it out for a long time. Certainly, we have had an uphill battle for (at least) a few centuries. But today, women are lucky to have more equality than they ever have before. Still, the shift has certainly caused some rifts and shock waves in society.
We’ll deal with these serious issues here, tackling hard issues with grit without surrendering our grace. Being a woman, a mother, a girlfriend, a daughter, and an employee or boss are all unique roles that most women have to juggle from day to day. And in essence, we want to help make these roles and the challenges that you face in them — easier. And better, believing that you have it within you effect your circumstances, maybe even to change your world.
Life & Culture Through the Eyes of Women
Check out our posts and articles by women, for women. We cover everything that you need to know about society and culture for the modern woman.
From smaller issues like finding a great new TV show or attending a couple’s affair as a “table for one!” — to larger concerns like dealing with a natural disaster or struggling with how the role of women in society is changing — you’ll find it all here on the Life & Culture page.
It’s all here on The Grit & Grace Project.

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