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Cortney is complicatedly simple and her mother says that the title of her autobiography would be, "Prove Me Wrong.” She's a missionary's kid turned preacher’s daughter turned woman who views the world and all the people in it from the corner of her small town with a 360 degree angle. She’s found beauty in the warriors from around the world—from those who’ve had to fight tougher battles and still smile. She finds inspiration in the hearts of good people who are fearlessly driven by their faith and passion. When it comes to life, she’d say sweating the small stuff only makes you smell bad.
What Women Search on the Internet Will Make You LOL 2

Have you ever wondered what women are searching for on the World Wide Web? What are the questions we ask in hopes that a


I go through the same struggles as everybody else; personal battles of love, life, loss, and lessons


I was standing on the scale at my GYN appointment. Scared. Embarrassed. Ashamed. The guy I was seeing at the time had been hinting about

What If You Just Showed Up

Ever want to stay on the couch when you know you need to go to the gym? Ever want to skip work and play hooky

The More the Muddier Finding My Grit in the Dirt

The morning of my first mud run (well, my first run ever, really), I had been painfully persuaded into adventuring into the world of

Now You Can Have a Closet You're Excited About

So, it’s time for an updated wardrobe. Oh, darn. What a tragedy. Yes, that is 100% sarcasm. What could possibly be a better gift

Dear Friend, He Doesn't See Your Worth But I Do

As adults, we tend to be multi-track minded. So, I’m sorry I haven’t been as frequent in checking in on you as I could


Truth or dare. That’s the game, right? You are given two options: to tell the truth or do something you’re afraid of. What would you


You know that feeling; where you have reached the bitter end of your proverbial rope. You are searching for a reason to tie a

I Am Strong Because of the Brave Women Around Me

15 weeks ago, I showed up to work like it was any other Monday. But when you work in a small town hospital with

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your College Experience

Every young adult starting or struggling in college needs a little extra help. Everything is new. New environment. New friends. New foods. New schedule.

This Will Make You Rethink Your Singleness

I am engulfed in a society where some of the best things this world has to offer come in pairs. Cute shoes. Contact lenses.

Things You Should Know When You Want to Date a Single Dad

Being single is hard enough. Dating is difficult, scary, and usually exhausting both mentally and physically. As women, we tend to overthink, over worry,


Let’s be realistic. I’d love to sit here and write about how to avoid the nightmare of online dating. It’s scary, can be depressing,

heal a hard mother daughter relationship

If you got a chance to follow along with The Grit and Grace Project for our strong mom challenge, then you met some incredible

The Best Response to the Dreaded Question: “What Comes Next?”

I think it’s one of the most terrifying questions that a woman can be asked, or asks herself. Whether you are about to graduate or

A Thought That Will Encourage You After Losing a Relationship

Do you remember the feeling of when you were about to lose a tooth as a child? When it was time to come out,

13 Things I Need to Quit For Good, Right Now

I need to quit thinking I’m not enough. Because I am. I am a person of value and have much to offer the world

Stop Saying These Things to Your Single Friend, Now

You know how there are those golden rules of what you do not, under any circumstances, ask a woman? Questions like: When is your due

If You’re Tired of Walking on Eggshells, Do and Don't Do This

‘Tis the season! But not only am I (trying to be healthy and) dodging the rows and rows of delicious Easter bunny chocolate eggs,

What the Mother of Super Coffee Taught Her 3 Sons

It's often said that a mother's job is never done. For Kierstin DeCicco, she believed she would be on a downhill run after her


I was sitting in my grandmother’s home with several extended family members, the same way I have done countless times growing up. Aunts, uncles,