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Stephanie is a Film Studies graduate of Southeastern University who graduated just in time to spend a year in Tanzania, East Africa back in 2012. Since returning to the U.S., Stephanie has learned that her life’s value is the same whether she’s sitting in her village surrounded by African babies or she’s answering phones in an upscale hair salon. She loves her family, writing, documentaries, traveling, raising awareness for and fighting against human trafficking, Bollywood soundtracks, and any and all babies she encounters. She spends too much money on coffee and too much time questioning herself. She is currently working as the Child & Youth Advocate at the local domestic violence shelter in Naples, FL and has no idea what the future holds for her, but is excited to find out.
need to exercise but lack motivation...how to get started

I’ve had stints in my life when I’ve consistently worked out and then I’ve had periods of time when I didn't. Thankfully I’m currently experiencing the


A few different approaches can be taken when it comes to self-care. I’ve probably read two dozen articles titled something along the lines of


In case you missed it—the holidays are officially in full swing! Amid the countless errands to run and get-togethers to attend, you might find yourself


A recent facts and statistics sheet from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America from August 2017 states that anxiety disorders are the most


Women comprise nearly fifty percent of the world’s population. With 7.6 billion people in the world, our total numbers are likely somewhere around 3.8


I personally get so caught up in all that I have to do that sometimes I miss out on opportunities to grow. At times it’s

I’ve been with Eddy for nearly two years, and he very recently got down on one knee and made me his fiancée. I still can’t


Although I'm only in my late 20's, I’ve been around long enough to acquire some toxic mindsets that have tainted my perspective. It’s not


We all have stories. We've lived our varied lives, and while some details may overlap, our stories are specific to each of us. Our experiences, good

7 Simple Ways to Free Yourself from Student Loans

According to recent reports, the average Class of 2016 graduate has over $37k in student loan debt, which is up six percent from last


In 2012 I spent almost three months living in Singapore as a part of a training program for a year in the mission field (which is

How I First Learned of the Sex Trafficking Epidemic

As is the case for most adults, I’ve found no shortage of social events and situations where I find myself faced with the inevitable,