5 Colors Every Woman Can Look Great In


I’m sure you have landed in the dressing room with a handful of clothes that you think might just work. As you slip that really cute top over your head then look into the mirror the shriek you emit is audible five stalls down. Is it the lighting in this dressing room (which shall we all say is the dumbest thing a retailer ever installed?) or does this color just make me look horrible?

It could be the yellow/blue/gray light that shines down on the top of your head, but it’s often the color of the clothing. I know if I put that tan khaki tone anywhere near my face the next step is to take that shovel and dig a 6-foot deep hole. The world would think I was ready for the grave.

Or that wonderfully bright orange; the one that my friends of color look amazing in. Their skin tone just glows. Me on the other hand, well let’s just say you will never see it.

So I went on a mission to discover colors that every skin tone could wear and found some great ones. To minimize the shrieking dressing room episodes, I thought I really must share these 5 colors that every woman can wear:

1. Winter white. The white that looks like the purest vanilla ice cream—not really white, but really creamy—is a great one. From the purest of skin to sensitive skin wrestling with breakouts or to the one distressing over the wrinkles, this color softens every complexion.

2. Cobalt blue. This cousin of navy is a great tone. Often used in Ancient Egypt along with some dramatic eyeliner invented by those lounging ladies of leisure, brings an extra sparkle to the eye.

3. Emerald green. It’s a beautiful jewel tone, and who doesn’t like a few jewels in their wardrobe? Put an emerald green top with a dark color like a black pencil skirt or dark denim. You can’t go wrong with this combo.

4. Blush or rose pink. Even if you’re not a girly girl, don’t be afraid to add a little of this to your wardrobe. The pale touch of pink color does wonders for adding sweet life to every face.

5. Eggplant purple. This deep purple that lands midway between lavender and black works for both day and nighttime wear. This is a classy color that also suits all personalities.

For those of you who shy from color, I understand that some of these may scare you. So stick with a basic black and add a little bit of these colors in jackets, hair accessories, or jewelry. But take this challenge too, try it just once and you may be surprised at the compliments you get. Doing this might just make you want to stretch out with your wardrobe choices even more.

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