Adam & Dana Sue Hinkle

Parents of 5, this couple went from ranch hands to a tiny house filled to the brim with life. Starting a new business (Creative QT), birthing their 5th child and moving to farmland all at the same time led to a discovery that what they needed was the same thing every parent needs — a little structure and organization for their family to allow for a little Creative Quality Time.

We Worry About Screen Time for Kids but What About Us

We Worry About Screen Time for Kids, but What About Us?

Like many parents, we try to be hyper-aware of the amount of time our kids spend staring at a screen. It’s been shown that time with screens can affect a child’s attitude, socialization skills, and may even inhibit psychological development. A lot of fuss has been made of kids spending too much time on devices, but I want to challenge us as parents to look at how much time we spend staring at phones while our kids want to spend time with us. It’s our job to be aware of the role phones play in our lives. We need to recognize that our phones may be addictive, they affect our relationships, and we need to make rules for when and where phones […]

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Exhausted 4 Ways Parents Can Recharge Now

Exhausted? 4 Ways Parents Can Recharge Now

Life in our family is often so much like the movie Groundhog’s Day. We get up, dress the kids, feed them, do school, clean, shop, cook, clean again, go to bed, then wake up and do it all over the next day. The repetition of the kids’ needs and the seemingly endless projects and activities will, if we allow it, take over our schedule. With so many things we feel like we “have to do,” managing our time takes a huge amount of intentionality. We are the Hinkles, Adam and Dana Sue, founders of Creative QT and parents of five. We’re trying our best to be parents and still have the time and bandwidth to take care of ourselves and our marriage.

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