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These parents of five, live the daily struggle of ‘so much to do, so little time.’ The days are long, toys strewn across the house, and someone always needs something, on any given day, chaos rules. Realizing they were not alone with these challenges led them to the launch of their family business Creative QT—which stands for Creative Quality Time—a labor of love. They’ve built for their kids and now available to others, organization products as parents, for parents—because they saw an opportunity and a need. Living in the trenches has sparked their product ideas for organizing and storing toy, stuffed animals, Legos, blocks, and more. The goal was to give, what every parent needs, the small wins to keep them going.
We Worry About Screen Time for Kids but What About Us

Like many parents, we try to be hyper-aware of the amount of time our kids spend staring at a screen. It’s been shown that

Exhausted 4 Ways Parents Can Recharge Now

Life in our family is often so much like the movie Groundhog’s Day. We get up, dress the kids, feed them, do school, clean,