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Annie Leigh is a wife to Jamus (who just so happens to be her pastor), mom of three (7, 6, and 4), blogger, speaker, and online health and fitness coach with Beachbody. She is a musical theater nerd, lover of dark chocolate, and coffee (although she is currently transitioning to tea because it makes her feel dainty, largely due to Downtown Abbey). She considers herself to be a connoisseur in the art of crazy and a lover of sappy chick flicks, especially Anne of Green Gable’s and Pride & Prejudice. You can find her enjoying a play-date with friends (on the rare occasion that someone is not sick), mentoring women, browsing through Target, and trying to squeeze in a much needed date night with her man. Annie is currently working on her first book The Beauty of Losing Yourself: In A Selfie Generation.
From Pits to a Palace

Before Joseph the dreamer arrived at the palace he was stuck in a pit. Talk about sibling rivalry! I may have tied my sister to

I Was Gonna Rock This Parenting Thing

I was totally going to rock this parenting thing… And then I had children. I read all the books on getting my baby on a


Last summer, my husband begged me to go to Montana. I told him I would go as long as we could have a professional