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Catherine Ojala was a refugee, born in Liberia and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa. By the age of eight, Catherine and her family had been through two civil wars. After escaping their second civil war in 1996, her parents were determined to give their two daughters a new opportunity in America. They relocated to Orlando, FL where her parents still reside today. Catherine graduated from the Nicholson School of Communications at the University of Central Florida in 2012. During her senior year, she was given the opportunity to be the Keynote Speaker at the President's Donor Award Banquet. This was one of many opportunities that helped form her into the speaker she is today. In 2016, Catherine started her business as a Conversation Innovator speaker. She teaches cultural diversity workshops to corporate America companies and also delivers keynotes with her story. Faith, family, and community are the core essential principles that her daily life is built upon. To learn more about Catherine and her work, visit www.catherineojala.com.
Why I Can Now Embrace My Past as a Refugee

I was a dreamer from the day I was born until eight years old. I was going to be the world's very first Sierra