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I am a woman of many interests with an adventurous spirit who can definitely get into trouble because I tend to jump into things headfirst without much forethought. Thankfully, my high school sweetheart and husband keep me grounded with his patient and steady love and care. We are currently living in Daytona Beach, FL, where I am thankful that the sun shines every day, but I must be content with looking at pictures of mountains instead of climbing them. Along with hiking mountains, I also love to read (I prefer nonfiction), cook/bake (I’m learning that this is my stress reliever), travel (different cultures fascinate me!), and dream up new business ventures (I was an Entrepreneurship major). Beyond my hobbies and fascinations, my God-given passions are in pregnancy resource ministry and offering authentic hospitality. Above all else, I am a daughter of the One True King, and the rest of my quirks and eccentricities are simply a testimony to God’s humor and creativity.

Have you ever been told, “You just need to learn to love yourself,” after pouring your heart out to a friend about how discontent