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Geinene is a visual artist, wife, and mother of two young children; she’s also an advocate of a special needs child. A global traveler, art mentor, urban gardener, and struggling extrovert/introvert. She and her Canadian husband, Matthew, crossed paths in Europe while serving in ministry. They are survivors of a long distance relationship founded through years of old school letter writing between North Africa and Central Europe. Now, married and rooted in downtown Atlanta, she works as a mixed media artist and serves as a visual arts ministry consultant for an international organization. Created to encourage artists of all types, she and her husband open their home on a regular basis to gather musicians, visual artists, dancers, etc. to what they call “Creative Feast.” She is an advocate for living out the intersection of art, faith, and mission at home and cross-culturally, yet, in the day to day she simply strives to pursue the art of being a practicing artist and a present parent.
Tips Are Plentiful Graces Are Few

We have a wealth of information like no other generation of women preceding us. With a swipe of a finger, I can have a


If you have ever suffered through a hard, hopeless season in life, you will know where I am coming from. It is that season

When There Are No Words My Child's Special Needs Diagnosis

Other than an early arrival, our daughter’s birth came without major complication. After four short months, however, we began to notice she wasn’t meeting

Pursuing Dreams While Rearing Children

People often ask how I have time to pursue any personal endeavors while rearing small children. Certainly there is the feeling that becoming a

Creative Dating No Money No Problem

In our current season of raising young children, my husband and I have accepted that for the time being date nights may not look

How to Have Friends and Kids

It can be really hard for moms of small children to not feel isolated. The difficulties of getting out the door with babies and

Artist and Mother Perfect Storm

I would be lying if I said being an artist and a mother doesn’t often feel like the perfect storm. My selfish artist side

Urban Gardens a Much Needed Respite

My husband and I were introduced to the world of urban gardening long before it was all the rage. Rather than trying to stay

Keeping a Marriage Strong When Hardship Strikes

Our daughter’s birth was a joyous occasion as she was ushered into this world without any complications. As far as we knew, we had