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Jessica is a 31-year-old baseball wife and flight attendant. Currently residing in Palm Beach, FL, Jessica with her husband, has moved 18 times in the last 8 years, including overseas. It’s taken a lot of Grit and Grace to learn how to navigate both hers and her husbands’ careers as a newlywed while keeping God at the center of their marriage and lives. Jessica has grown to embrace the platforms that being a baseball wife and flight attendant give her to share Jesus and His love with others from all over the world. Jessica’s roles in baseball life and the airline industry aren’t the only way she shares her faith and experiences with others, she has recently started to share through her writing with a blog. (www.JessicaAndersonWrites.com). Jessica prays that her words can encourage readers to lean closer to God and seek Him in all circumstances and seasons that life brings.
Rough Air and Empty Stadiums

I am a baseball wife, and I am a flight attendant. It’s the perfect combination. While my husband travels for away games, I fly