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I am the mother of Emily, Johnathan and Kendall, lover of God and all things nature. Accountant by day and women's ministry leader/event planner throughout the week. I was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Fresno, CA. I'm the first in my family line to attend and graduate from a university. My whole life has been a series of battles fought and won, holding on to the belief that life is meant to be lived with vigor and joy. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing about their life. The varying degrees of personalities and experiences excites me and helps me to see the world in a new way every time.
This Is How to Know How Many Dates to Give Him

“All the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies, now put your hands up!” Most of us have heard this now

This is How to Overcome Toxic Emotions After Divorce

There are few things in life that can vigorously shake a person’s whole world, leaving them flailing about like a fish out of water.