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Jamie is a graduate from Prairie View A&M University with her BS in Civil Engineering. She has worked in electric utilities as an engineer for the last 8 years since graduation and utilizes writing as her escape. She takes time to focus greatly on her health, especially after a PCOS diagnosis in 2014 and has lost 70 lbs. from cleaner eating and trying out new group fitness classes. Jamie loves living in her new city of Philadelphia, PA and uses the experiences of her career challenges to share her testimony’s of often being the only woman sitting in a boardroom to ensure that diverse opinions and opportunities are considered and available for all candidates. In her spare time, she enjoys doing international traveling and finding good deals her local home décor stores to keep her pad up to date.
what to do when you've been ghosted in dating

If you grew up in a household like mine, anything that had to do with ghost, ghouls, or goblins were immediately rebuked. My mom