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Joy is a single mom and deeply loves her adventurous, busy tribe of three. They are always learning, experiencing new things, and making memories (which is her favorite thing to do). She loves living on the east coast of Canada in Fredericton, New Brunswick and embracing the maritime way! Joy owns a local carpentry business, and if she's not building furniture or designing spaces, she's awake at night creating! She wants to live life to the fullest and aspires to help others do the same. Telling her she can’t do something only makes her want to show you that she can. Though she's determined, she's also a sucker for anything sentimental. Did she mention she loves popcorn?

A Little More About Me

This Is How a Good Friend Prays

There’s a story in the Bible in Mark 2:1‑12 about four men who brought their paralytic friend to Jesus to be healed. So many

Facing Broken Dreams and Finding a New One

When I moved to the east coast of Canada, I didn’t know a soul. It was a big move during the most difficult time