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Katie Sue is a born and raised San Francisco Bay Area gal with Southern roots. After college, she met and quickly fell in love with her Colorado man, Josh, who just happened to be attending school in her hometown. She moved out to Virginia (drawn by the accents and history and front porches) to pursue her law degree. Two days after graduation, Josh became her husband under a giant magnolia tree by the Lafayette River. After (barely) surviving the bar exam, Josh and Katie Sue trekked across the country for a month, living in their car, and sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots (much to the chagrin of their parents). Now they've planted roots just a few miles down the road from where Katie Sue grew up and attend the church where they first met one-thousand adventures ago. Katie Sue loves to spend time with her big and beautiful family and go on outdoor adventures. She also feels extremely fortunate to be able to work as an attorney in criminal law where there is a great need for both grit and grace.
Your Battle Is What Makes You Beautiful

Has anyone else felt this way? Like the fate of humanity depends on you doing everything that is expected of you and nothing less. I’ve

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Court cases are all around us. Literally millions upon millions are filed each year in the United States.1 They can be anything from a