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Katie Cress is a professional counselor, educator, and mom. After marrying her high school sweetheart, she moved across the country from Georgia to southern California where she now lives with two amazing kids! With ten years of working with adolescents and 6 years of motherhood under her belt, she is fascinated with how child and adolescent brains work and how we can nurture them to grow! It is her hope for all women, and especially women of faith, to seek to learn together, grow together, and encourage each other on this great journey of raising the next generation!
my grandmothers taught me the true strength of a woman

The other day I was in my spring-cleaning groove, jamming along to the new Taylor Swift album when suddenly, I found myself completely moved,

how brain science restored my hope for change

Ever find inspiration in the most unexpected places? A TV show? A friendly cashier at the supermarket? A good book? I love when that happens,


Anyone else have the same albums saved on their iTunes account from the (dinosaur) days before streaming services? I must have downloaded Spotify around