Krista Larson

Krista Larson lives in Illinois with her husband, Brad, of thirty-something years. Their life has been blessed with two wonderful children, Clayton and Chloe, and a wonderful son-in-law, Trent. They were also rescued by a very cool dog named Jake.

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Defeat Negative Self-Talk Now! Here’s How

Decades ago, a good friend gave me advice I will never forget. I have often shared her words with other friends when they are struggling. She said, “That is Satan whispering in your ear. You have to tell him to get behind you. Tell him; say it out loud. He will whisper those doubts and negative thoughts to you, and you must rebuke him.” She also told me that the enemy hates us, hates our marriages, our families, hates everything that is created by God and everything we love. She reminded me that God loves us and is always at work within us. “God carries a picture of you in his wallet,” she told me. Knocked Down by Negative Self-Talk It can […]

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Would You Give Your Bible Away? I Do—Here’s Why

Do you remember how old you were when you received your first Bible? What color was it? Who gave it to you? Many might remember having a children’s Bible when they were young. Maybe it was the small Bible handed out later in Sunday school. Some received a teen or adult Bible when they were confirmed. What if you never experienced any of those gifts? My earliest and only memory of a childhood Bible was the large leather-bound one my grandma inherited from her mother. My great grandmother came to the United States from Sweden at the age of 18. The Bible sat, opened somewhere in the middle, atop a wooden pedestal in my grandma’s living room. As a kid with a

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Is it Just Clutter or Is it a Hoarding Disorder?

Editor’s Note: After reading the first chapter of Krista Larson’s book, Less is More, I was hooked. Her book provides readers a real view of the life of someone dealing with hoarding disorder. Her novel is honest, detailed, and based on a true story. The beautiful thing is that as I peeked into this world, I didn’t find myself gawking at the character. Intrigued, yes. But because Krista’s life was personally affected by this disorder (and because she has done the hard work of finding peace and compassion), the book provides the reader with genuine perspective. It helps us understand the context of why hoarding disorder might begin and why it’s so difficult to overcome. But, what I love most about this

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