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I am lovingly adored by my husband, respected and appreciated by my three *sort of* adult children, exercised regularly by my boxer and lab mix dogs, and well-practiced in care-taking for a tortoise and gecko who otherwise would starve to death. When not being placed on a pedestal by the humans and animals in my life, I can be found reading, gardening, or hiking, and sometimes enjoying a glass of wine or a bottle of cider in my backyard oasis in the Mitten State.
grieving our dog revealed the power of family love

Unlike many families we know, our family, thankfully, has experienced very little death or illness. Our kids have been to less than five funerals

the-surprising-joy i found in raising 3 chickens during the pandemic

If you’re like me, puppies make you smile, kittens make you purr, and ducklings make you "awww" aloud. Pets, especially family pets, are good for

How to get aware from the comparison trap

The other day I saw a meme that said, “Your ice cream is melting because you’re too busy counting someone else’s sprinkles.” It was

This Is What Running in My 40s Has Taught Me

Once upon a time I was a fast runner (think, like, 25 years ago when I was 18 and solid muscle). My personal best

Sending Your Kid to College is Very Much Like Kindergarten

Four years ago, my oldest child left for college, a large university two hours away. As she prepared for this exciting adventure, I took

6 Ways to Love the Addict in Your Life

Last night I watched with horror as my city, Grand Rapids, was devoured by hatred and violence. What started out as a peaceful and

Moms Do It All and This Is How They Are Compensated

I’ve read so many articles about the veritable “mom salary” over the years, and I’m trying to get my bearings on why this hasn’t

A Few Things You Need to Know About People With ADHD

At this point in the COVID-19 situation you’d think we have this daily routine, this new "normal" figured out. You know, the wake up,

This is What Your Teen Needs to Know About Dating

Do you remember decades ago when you were in high school and how the week of Valentine’s Day always brought so much anxiety and

This Is What I’ve Learned 16 Years After My Miscarriage

17. This summer will mark 17 years ago that we suffered the unimaginable loss of a baby. Over time, the details have gotten somewhat