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Saffron's life has been a complex journey filled with twists and turns that have led her to the woman she is today. Born the sixth of nine siblings to an alcoholic mother through an extra-marital affair, her life started off shameful and branded with secrets. By 18, she was a teenage mother. By 25, she had three children and a physically abusive husband. It was then she was forced, in fear of her life and to protect her children, to leave with her children in hand. The escape to a shelter for battered women in the Bronx began the next 20-year journey of struggling to raise her children alone. Then there was another marriage that appeared to be the man of her dreams, only to end in a painful divorce. After a trip to the Congo, where she served women whose plights were much more difficult than her own, she realized it was time to put pen to paper as a method of healing her wounds. Writing her story, "From Insanity to Serenity," gave her the freedom to tell the truth of her journey. Now an author and speaker, Saffron Trust knows she was born to share her story.

Why Reconciliation Is Important on Mother’s Day

My mother, Dorothy Mae Ross, was laid to rest on April 4, 2017, so I now recognize Mother’s Day without her. Although I would

What My Childhood and Sandcastles Taught Me About Love

To choose the perfect sandcastle from my childhood would prove a daunting task. So many fond memories of golden days spent at the beach;


5:32 am. I lay staring at the clock, remembering the moment of her arrival; and what an arrival it had been! So many years have


My daughter recently reached out and extended an offer for breakfast at Stella G’s Cafe. My daughter wanted to know if I would accompany


A couple months ago, I made a decision to lose a few pounds. This commitment led me to changing my diet, getting a trainer,

What Going Back to School After 40 Taught Me

At 48 years old, I was earnestly trying to put myself through school—keyword “trying.” My initial gung-ho spirit was suddenly cut short during my

Eat, Cry, and Worship Your Way Through

As I waited in line to check into the hotel, the woman next to me smiled pleasantly. I remember her dressed in warm and

Enjoying Life, Friendship, and Unscripted Moments

Cheerful friends are good medicine. I found this out when my friend Marlene decided to spend Sunday with me, bringing the right dose of


When the call came in, my heart dropped. Up to that point, it couldn’t have been a better day; the sun beaming through the sunroof

Make it a Great Day

Today’s visit to the bank should have followed the same basic routine it always has; a few transactions in a few minutes. But what


While regular life often feels like a series of scenes from The Hunger Games – people competing in a society of the survival of

Finding The Silver Lining

I hung up the phone and sighed. ‘We’re not looking right now but are always accepting applications; due to the number of applicants, you