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SarahBeth’s passion to speak and share her story boldly comes from the most broken of places. Her motto? Speak your story so others can heal. SarahBeth was born and raised just north of New York City in a town country songs are made of. It was in her early adult years that life of compromise landed her in the midst of the shattered pieces of her broken life. In a marriage riddled with abuse and a sweet 6 week old baby boy to love and care for, her leap of faith landed her back the arms of protection and grace. She promised herself from that moment on that she would not allow her journey to be in vain, that she would speak hope into the lives of others. Her first blog series, The Brokenness Project, shed light onto the priceless nuggets of truth that can be found in the shattered glass laying at our feet when life crumbles around us. Loving life to the fullest, this former personal trainer and career educator loves putting her time and efforts into loving those around her. She’s the single mama to the sweetest little boy who calls her “princess” on a daily basis and loves to snuggle and hold her hand. Tempt her with a latte and she is up for anything.
This Is My Story of Domestic Abuse

There was a time when I never wanted to talk about it, at least not publicly. I never thought I would. In fact, several


Every life has a story. Everything you have been through, your past, the pain, the present, the joys, and the struggles, are each a