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How to Have Your Own Coffee + Bible Time

How to Have Your Own Coffee + Bible Time

If you follow me on social media (you should, by the way) you likely see me post on Facebook most mornings (not every dayno perfection here!) that I’m enjoying “C&B” or “Coffee + Bible.” I’ve had people ask me often how I do thiswhat I read, and where should they begin? I love this question, and I’ll start with the biggest secret: there’s no right answer. The important thing is just to begin building a habit.

If you’re new to reading the Bible, I recommend starting with a short book in the New Testament, probably the book of John or even the book of Romans… Brew yourself a cup of your beloved coffee, get somewhere comfortable and open it up and start reading. I’ve heard it said, “Don’t read it to finish, read it to change.” Some days I’ll read a few verses, some days a few chapters! The key is, whichever book you start, read it all the way through, in order. I do not recommend casually opening the Bible, sticking your finger on the page and picking a paragraph to “focus your day.” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done that too, but the Bible is like other books, you need to read it in context, and there is actual danger in taking its words lightly or misreading it by mish-mashing sections that do not actually relate to one another. Context is key. Just like you wouldn’t open a Nicolas Sparks novel or a Harry Potter book and turn to page 122, paragraph three and expect to understand what’s happening, you should read Scripture as it was written.

How do you start reading the Bible regularly? There’s no right answer. The important thing is to just begin building the habit.

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Before I start reading for the day, I pray a quick prayer, something like “OK God help me to ignore the distractions around me and hear from You this morning. Show me something about Yourself or about myself and speak to me now.” Side note on distractions: my toddler is usually next to me watching a show or LEGO building video on YouTube. If you wait for a time when you’ll be completely alone to read for hours, interruption-free, it will likely never happen. Again, perfection not required here ladies!

Instagram Bible Study CardsWhen I’m reading, I’m looking to see if the passage tells me something about God, something about me or some combination of both. Then I’ll write a note in my journal or work in the Bible study book I might be using at the time. Right now I’m doing Lauren Chandler’s Steadfast Love Bible Study, and I’m enjoying it. It’s a little more in-depth than some I’ve enjoyed in the past, so if you’re new brand new to the Bible I’d recommend getting a study from The Daily Grace Co on Instagram (@thedailygraceco) or Kelly Minter’s All Things New study! (Photo cred: The Daily Grace Co on Instagram)

The main point is this: just start reading. Pray along the way and don’t get so worried about doing it right. Study with a friend and make it a habit at least a few days a week and you’ll come to love it. I’m sure if it.

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Just start reading. Perfection not required here, ladies! Pray along the way and don’t get so worried about doing it right.

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