5 Beauty Hacks for Annoying Girl Problems

5 Beauty Hacks for Annoying Girl Problems

Women have more issues that Vogue, so I’ve heard. Not all issues are easy to fix, but some can be quite simple—like the five problems (and solutions) I’ve listed below. Enjoy! (And, you’re welcome!)

Here are 5 of my favorite, everyday beauty hacks:

1. Problem: Shoot! I got deodorant on my shirt!
No big deal. Simply use another section of the same shirt and rub the fabric together. By rubbing the clean section against the affected section, the deodorant streaks will vanish but also will not spread. Voilà! It’s super easy and simple … and works! I’ve been using this trick for years. I don’t waste time trying to get the spot out with water or other products, and I don’t have to find a new outfit. I just rub, rub, rub, and it’s gone in seconds. Effortless magic.

2. Problem: I have dark circles under my eyes and/or my eyeliner is always bleeding down.
As long as I can remember I’ve struggled with the dark circles under my eyes. I also battled the annoying eyeliner/mascara smudges beneath my eyes after a long day. In the last year, I have found the most amazing solution: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6-7), you can buy one here.

First, I apply my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($6-7)  under my eyes and then wet my sponge, squeeze out the excess water, and pat, pat, pat the concealer out and around my eyes, blending it into my skin. If you want to watch an awesome tutorial for this, watch Jaclyn Hill’s drugstore foundation routine. She’s hilarious. You’ll love her!

3. Problem: I’m out and about all day and need to freshen my breath!
Peppermint oil freshens your breath better than gum, I think. I started carrying a little bottle of it with me to ease headaches and calm nausea (which it also does well!), but ended up finding that it’s the perfect solution for bad breath when you’re out all day and on the go! All you need to do is put a drop on your tongue and that’s enough! (I’ve also read that adding a drop of it into your lip gloss can plump up your lips.) A bottle of peppermint essential oil ranges anywhere from $7-25 dollars, depending on the brand you choose, but it will last you a long time!

A friend gifted a bottle of doTERRA to me, and I love it, but I’ve also heard another great (lesser expensive) brand to try is Plant Therapy, which you can find on Amazon. When you compare the price of one bottle to buying multiple packs of gum, it’s totally worth the initial investment!

4. Problem: My hair is so static-y and it’s driving me crazy!
Solution: dryer sheets. For real? Yes, for real. I don’t have this issue very often since living in SWFL (it’s disgustingly humid), but growing up and being from the Chicagoland area—I had plenty of static in my hair during high school.

I used to keep a dryer sheet in my purse and ran it through my hair in the bathroom or at my locker in-between classes, and it totally tamed the static cling to my face. I even took a dryer sheet and pushed the bristles of a brush through it so that the sheet was pushed down to the base of the brush and I could simply run the brush through my hair while removing the static.

5. Problem: I just spilled on myself … annoying.
Tide To Go pens are one of my favorite things ever created! You can buy them at Walmart, Target, or even on Amazon. I carry one in my purse, car, and keep one with the pens on my desk.

My mom taught me a long time ago that if you get something on your shirt to put water on it right away to dilute it. (Hack within hack: If you’re at a restaurant, grab an ice cube and rub it on the stain—totally helps!) Diluting the stain helps to prevent it from setting and makes it way easier to wash out of your clothes later.

But, if you have a Tide To Go pen, it can honestly take the stain completely out before you even get a chance to wash it. Another tip for stain removal is to let your affected clothing air dry after going through the wash. That way you can make sure the stain is completely out before drying your clothes, and therefore setting any remainder of the stain. If you don’t dry it, you can spot clean it again, and wash again.

These are just a few of my favorite, trustworthy hacks. Do you have any you swear by? If so, shoot us a message and we’ll add it to this list to make all of our lives better!

There’s nothing more beautiful than self-love! Julie explains how you can practice that here:

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