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How to up Your Brow Game


A few years back a new trend emerged that was a little overwhelming, and frankly, it still exists on too may faces: the bold brow. You’ve seen it. You’ve been caught staring. The big, bold, über-defined brow. Just typing it makes me cringe.

I’m here to say that every woman should most definitely up their brow game. But not like that!

Making a point to fill in your brows can make your face look finished. It can pull your makeup together and make a significant difference. And it can be done quickly and easily!

Now a simple Google search for “defined brows” can land you on a 15-step tutorial using 5 products. 15 steps for your brows? As a makeup junkie, I can’t even get behind that—I’m a working mother!

how to up your brow gameSo, in the spirit of starting small, here’s a simple and budget-friendly product you can apply to get the look you want, quickly: NYX Tinted Brow Mascara.

The best part is that it applies just as easily as brushing your brows with a traditional brow brush, almost like mascara. Pick the shade that’s most similar to your hair, going slightly darker if you’re not sure what shade to pick. Swipe on a couple layers, and, ta-da! Finished!

If you start with a product like this and then want to up your game, you certainly can if you choose! Makeup is about having fun and feeling confident after all!

So up your brow-game girl, go for it.

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