Stila Double-Ended Blending Sponge Review

Stila Double-Ended Blending Sponge Review

I’ve tried it all, it seems. I love makeup and “girly stuff”! I’ll be sharing my product reviews for you and would love your feedback on what I should try, too!

Today I’m looking at Stila Double-Ended Blending Sponge.

This is a lower-cost version of a “Beauty Blender” makeup sponge, used for applying foundation, creams, powders, etc… Other than its purple color, this was not a winner for me.

The tip on the pointed edge was too big to really do what it’s intended to do well. It just doesn’t get into the eye area in a way that satisfies.

Also, the sponge seems too hard to move the makeup around adequately.

There are cheaper dupes of this sponge, with the exact shape and texture, but I would skip them. I paid almost twice as much for this Stila blender over my favorite Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, and it was not worth it.

Skip this one ladies.

I give it a 2 out of 5, but only because I love purple. I will use it as a back up, but only because I already own it.

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