My Secret to a Long-Lasting DIY Manicure

My Secret to a Long-Lasting DIY Manicure

I’m a girly-girl, but I’m also practical… So I’ve always aspired to have an enviable set of nails. However, when I paint them myself, it seems to only last a day or two (at best) without chipping. When I loosen my money pouch and go to the salon, they look lovely—but it’s time-consuming and expensive to maintain.

Then I met Cayly. Cayly is a friend of mine who happens to be a hairstylist at Ulta. She always had great-looking digits and finally told me her secret… CND’s Stickey Base Coat and Super Shiney Top Coat.

Each bottle is about $12.50, but totally worth every penny. Plus, you can often find each item on Amazon for a cheaper price.

Application Tips for Maximum Sticking Power

My suggestion is to apply one light coat of CND Stickey Base Coat first, then add two coats of your choice of nail polish color, and finish it off with one light coat of CND Super Shiney Top Coat. It’s important not to use too much nail polish on any coat; this will prevent little air bubbles from forming.

My experience with the Stickey Base Coat is that it dries quickly and prevents peeling and chipping for at least a week. It also has the ability to anchor any brand of nail polish; I can buy a $2 bottle of Wet n Wild and it will last just as long as OPI. Now I usually remove my nail polish because I want to change the color or because my nails have grown out too much near the cuticle, not because it’s chipping.

The Best DIY Manicure

The Super Shiney Top Coat makes my nails looks professionally done! This product gives my DIY manicure an extra shine that rivals a gel or shellac manicure. It dries relatively quickly and also works well with any brand of nail polish that I’ve tried. I have also used this top coat to revamp a pedicure that was a week or two old. It added some extra shine and helped it last even longer.

So thank you, Cayly! All of us girly-girls who also appreciate easy-maintenance are high-fiving you with shiny, chip-free (and affordable) nails!

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