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Every experience we walk through that affects our very existence; the external influences of the world we live in that shape us and impact our thoughts, actions, and daily routines.

Women and culture have been duking it out in an uphill battle for ages. But today, women are fortunate to have more equality and opportunity than ever before. Still, the shift has caused some rifts and shockwaves in both their lives and our society. Being a woman means juggling many roles in our day to day life. We want to help make these roles—and the challenges that you face in them—easier and better, believing that you have it within you to affect your circumstances, maybe even to change your world.

In this section, we address things like how to find work-life balance and how to age gracefully. We also tackle hard topics head-on like sex trafficking and how racism affects us as a society. We walk through addiction and recovery and the benefits of therapy for all of our lives. We share DIY projects, career advice, and everything in between. If it’s in your life and our culture, we talk about it here. 

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