What “My Home Is Your Home” Really Means


With the holidays upon us, we’re bound to have a house guest or two. I have a theme I repeat to my guests that I sincerely mean, “My home is your home.” Since that is true, these are the house rules for all who walk through our door with luggage in hand:

1. If you’re hungry, fix it. The pantry and refrigerator can be found in the kitchen.

2. If you need something, find it. It may require the determination of an archeologist, but it is there for the digging.

3. If you break it, I don’t mind. Unless it’s part of your body…then legal liability protection for my relatives, my bank account, and I step in.

4. Duration of the stay will be determined by how many dishes are left on the nightstand, in the sink, or on the counter and how many make it to the dishwasher.

5. Upon leaving… When your visit is complete and the car is loaded, drop sheets and towels in the washer as you exit the door.

Enjoy your visit, so glad you came. Always remember my home is your home!

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