To My Teacher Wife, They Should See Everything You Do

To My Teacher Wife, They Should See Everything You Do

In light of all that our teachers are doing right now, we felt they should be honored in a special way during teacher appreciation week (and beyond). To do that well, we asked someone who knows more about this career than most people to give us some insight…

To My Teacher Wife,

Teachers have the ability to leave a lasting impression on people, but nothing compares to the experience of being married to one.  What I have come to learn in our marriage is that teaching is so much more than a profession. It is a calling.

I have never met someone more selfless, compassionate, encouraging, determined, or invested in what they do. The first time I heard you refer to your class as “your kids,” I realized just how much you care for them. You genuinely love them as a mom would, and it makes me love you even more. It is no wonder some of them accidentally call you “mom” when addressing you in class. When they feel the concern and commitment that you show, they are home.

What I have come to learn in our marriage is that teaching is so much more than a profession. It is a calling.

However, the side of you that they don’t see is the side that says the most about you. When you come home, I get to witness the depths of your heart for them. I see the joy in your eyes when you tell me what happened that day if a kid said something funny or cute. I see the excitement in your face when a child finally understands something they were struggling to comprehend. I see the sweat and effort you put in to prepare for “Fun Fridays.” I see the tears you shed when you learn of the pain some have gone through. I see the light that you bring to your classroom, because I see it in our home. I see you.

The heart of a teacher is truly something I had no clue about until I met you. For all that you do inside the classroom, there is unfathomably more that you do outside of it. Getting to experience the full spectrum of your teacher’s spirit is one of the highest privileges of my life. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know how much I appreciate who you are and all that you do. One week and one letter are not nearly enough, but please take these words as confirmation that you are making an immense difference in the lives you touch.

You make this quote I once heard true, “Many things will come and go, but a teacher’s words will echo in eternity.”

With all of my heart, thank you for who you are.


Your Learning Husband

(Written by Joey Makolandra)


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