Upgrade Your Fashion To Look and Feel Better As A Working Mom

Fashion is subjective, but there are some ways that we can change up our look and improve the way we feel. Whether you want to start looking more athletic and build up a better, healthier lifestyle, or are looking to buy some comfortable and casual clothing for back to work and back to school, these tips will help you look and feel your best, no matter what wardrobe you choose. 

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1. Wear retro pieces with something modern

We all know that fashion is circular and that everything returns. This does not mean that you have to dress in the clothes from another decade, because you run the risk of looking like you might be 10 years older than you are! If you find a vintage, classic midi skirt that you like, decorate it with modern latches or buttons. You can also combine it with a leather jacket or an elegant pair of leather boots, as opposed to a classic cardigan or pearl necklace. Creating a modern combination with retro pieces will not only give you a more modern look, but will also make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Grab the best shoes for the occasion

A good shoe can transform an outfit into glam or make it casual and comfortable for a work day. If you’re looking for some comfy shoes, then Vans are perfect. If you want something a little more glam, then a good heel is great. Worried about walking in heels? Make sure to pick one with a strap to ensure that you can walk in them. Slingbacks tend to be tricky to walk in as they are less supportive. Nude heels that compliment your skin tone, are a completely safe choice. Plus, they make our legs look longer, gorgeous, and sexy!

3. Embrace your shape

“Once you know what style of clothing and what silhouette flatters you, use the relentless,” says fashion designer Shoshanna Gruss. For example, if you are petite and lack a little shape around the hips, it is better to avoid maxi and pencil clothes, even if you love them. Try a dress or skirt with a defined waist that hits just above the knee.

4. Choose the right jeans

If in doubt about the size, opt for the smaller size on the jeans, because a lot of jeans today will stretch a little! There is nothing worse than oversized and baggy pants that are not meant to be oversized. Be sure to add a lovely, crisp white blouse for a chic look. 

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5. Add your own changes

Sometimes, your cute jacket may cost less than a meal at a restaurant, depending on its cheap material. But you can completely change its appearance by replacing its buttons with nicer ones. Or you can give it to a seamstress or tailor to do it. This will make it look vintage and give the item of clothing an upgrade.

6. Combine colours

Combining colours, height, and patterns in a way that looks dynamic gives another style to your choices. But there are some basic tricks to get it right. The right thing to do is to wear two colours that repeat the same colours, or mix a tall design with a smaller one. What is even easier and stylistically beautiful is to use the second pattern as an extra tone. Don’t feel be afraid of the brighter colours; in fact, use them to your advantage! To feel safer, combine a neutral colour, such as flax, with something bolder, such as yellow. Think twice about matching bold shades with black, as this may not look super modern. Try two colours that are next to each other on the colour palette, such as coral and orange, for a seamless finish that is not too bold and gives a summery, ombre effect. Not sure where to start?

7. Do not overdo the jewelry

If your evening dress has bright colours or has out shoulders, you only need one accessory to complete the look… Choose earrings that will further highlight your shoulders or an impressive necklace. Too much jewelry can look gaudy and may not give the right impression.

8. Leather jacket

A faux leather jacket (or real leather if you wish to purchase), is going to make a lovely addition to your wardrobe. A leather jacket will help you make easier choices on days when you want a simple but chic outfit that still looks relatively put together. So choose to buy a leather jacket and wear it with pants or a skirt in a narrow line, or with jeans over your favorite silk shirt. This will look very stylish! 

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9. Do a cashmere quality test

Cashmere is a beautiful fabric that shouldn’t crease or snag easily, and is a really great way to upgrade your clothing this autumn. When it finally cools down, the jumpers will be a necessity, but ensure that you are buying the very best cashmere by doing a quick quality test. 

  • The thicker the knit, the denser the knit will be, which means there is more cashmere in it.
  • Gently stretch the sweater to test if it pulls back. A lower quality cashmere will not do.
  • While some remarkable cashmere is woven in the USA and China, a label that says “Made in Scotland” or “Made in Italy” often indicates a much superior weave.
Basic monochrome plaid

Another essential item that fashion editors will not leave out are the monochrome blazers, which can really save you when you do not know what to wear. You can choose black and dark nudes, or white and pastel shades if you want to give more life to the hazy winter weather. To have more ease in combining them, prefer basic monochrome pieces, without unnecessary logos and patterns.

Woolen dresses for autumn!

Another thing that you can integrate in your wardrobe so that you do not spend endless hours in front of the mirror when you do not know what to put on, is another trend: woolen dresses. They have returned to street style appearances and we are very happy about that, as this is the most cozy item we could wear! You can wear them with opaque tights, high boots above the knee, or with ankle boots for a more casual look. Do not forget to add accessories to take off the look, no matter how simple and everyday it is. If you’re returning back to the office soon or back to study, then you will want to look at some styles that make you feel confident as well as comfortable. Here are two styles that really hit the mark.

Street wear style

Very close to the sports style, or even derived from it, is the street wear style, known even as urban style. Its origin dates back to the 50s of the 20th century, when it was used in many subcultures. Supporters of street wear consist of motorcyclists, rappers, and “Teddy Boys,” whose outfits were inspired by noisy clothes. The interesting thing about street wear is that although it has some principles on which it is based, it allows great flexibility in combining clothes.

Carefree style

Carefree style is one of the most famous clothing styles. Even if we do not intend to, we are often in a position to wear casual clothes! The reason for this is one: this is one of the most comfortable ways to dress. In addition, casual wear can be worn on a variety of occasions and can also be worn on informal occasions and in the office or at business meetings. Really, from the need to get straight from the office to the meeting with your friends appeared a new style that comes from the carefree: elegant and carefree. Both styles of clothing are based on the combination of lighter clothes and office clothes. The only difference is that the elegant and carefree style is closer to business-elegant, while the carefree has many effects from sports outfits. So whatever you want to wear, feel good about yourself! 

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